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Players take on the role of the characters - heroes exploring a medieval fantasy world whose goals are to complete quests, explore ancient ruins and dungeons, fight monsters, find treasure, and become more powerful. One member of the group, the Dungeon Master DM , creates, narrates and referees the game. Together, the DM and the characters bring the game to life. The Iron Heroes Bestiary: Great heroes need great foes! It Is Alive Encyclopaedia Arcane : Golems wait silently in dungeon corridors, ready to apprehend unwary adventurers who dare defile their former master's sanctum.

Lethal Legacies: In the elder times, before the dawn of man or even the first birth of elves, an ancient civilization was widely distributed across the world. A Lion in the Ropes is a d20 System fantasy adventure module for characters of levels Necromancy: Beyond the Grave provides Games Masters and players alike with all the information they need to introduce this macabre form of magic into their campaigns.

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Player's Handbook 2: explands the options avaliable to players for Dungeons and Dragons roleplaying game. Psionic Power: The subtle Ardent, the forthwrite battlemind, the focused monk, or the dedicated psion. Unleash the power or psionics with any of these heroes. The Quintessential Dwarf II: any character choosing to play a dwarf will find many alternatives and options for expanding his range of abilities. With Career Paths, dwarves can customise their advancement and gain special benefits. Races of Destiny : is a Dungeons and Dragond 3. With new spells, feats, prestige classes, and items your experience will never been more fun.

This is a supplement that allows for a campaign entirely underwater. The Slayer's Guide To Bugbears: Pound for pound, muscle for muscle, bugbears are stronger, sneakier and far more unpredictable than their other goblinoid cousins. The Slayer's Guide To Duergar: The duergar, often called grey dwarves, live well-hidden in the darkness of the cold ground. The Slayer's Guide to Gnolls focuses on this bloodthirsty race, from their brutal and savage society to their lethal tactics of ambush.

Dnd spell sheet pdf

Drow characters are extremely intelligent, charismatic and dexterous, but share surface elves' comparative frailty and slight frames. Females tend to be bigger and stronger than males. Also, drow weapons and armor usually made of adamantite or another metal unique to the Underdark slowly lose their magical properties if exposed to the sun. Drow also employ the unusual hand crossbow , firing small, though very lethal, darts.

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Half-drow are the result of crossbreeding between another race and a drow, and share characteristics of both. The term "half-drow" usually refers to one who is half drow and half human. Half-drow are also generally evil; however, half-drow of differing alignments are more common than non-evil full drow.

Drow males are commonly wizards or fighters. Females are almost always clerics and almost never wizards. As a race, drow are usually evil. Note that even Liriel Baenre was arguably of evil alignment for the first portion of her life, only shifting to a good alignment after close relationships with several good-aligned characters. Originally, drow were chaotic evil in alignment.

There have been encounters with non-evil drow, but these are distrusted as much as their brethren, due to their reputation; the Drow followers of Eilistraee are the largest group of good Drow, as Eilistraee is the patron goddess of all Drow that have a good alignment. Drow society is primarily matriarchal , with priestesses of their evil spider goddess Lolth sometimes spelled Lloth in the highest seats of power.

Males were just as likely to have positions of authority over both males and females, and the tradition of Matriarchy, where the highest-ranking member was always a female, was not a special directive of the Demon Queen Lolth; the vast majority of Drow Elves both male and female in the original campaign setting of Greyhawk have no authority or ranking at all and live an idle and degenerate life in the great city of the Drow.

Drow society is based upon violence, murder, cunning, and the philosophy that only the strong survive though in Drow tongue, a quirk of the language creates a reversal of cause-and-effect; more correctly, it can be translated as "those who survive are strong". Hence, most Drow plot endlessly to murder or otherwise incapacitate their rivals and enemy Drow using deceit and betrayal.

Drow, particularly in higher positions, are constantly wary of assassins and the like. One of the quirks of this constant infighting is the relatively short lifespan of the average Drow. While being just as long lived as their surface cousins, living as long as a thousand years; you are very unlikely to meet an elderly Drow.

Consequently, they are the only race of Elves that matches the fertility of 'lesser' races, such as humans, their society, as a whole, is seemingly nonviable. The only reason they do not murder themselves to extinction is by the will of Lolth, working primarily through her clergy. Lolth does not tolerate any Drow that threaten to bring down her society, and the clergy make certain that perpetrators cease their destructive actions by either threatening or killing them.

There are exceptions to the rule, of course; some communities of drow worship other gods like Vhaeraun or Eilistraee , and thus, their hierarchy changes, reverses the roles of males and females, or such as in the case of Eilastree even approaching something like a workable, progressive society. Most drow societies hate surface elves, but will wage war with almost any surface race and other subterranean races, such as mind flayers , svirfneblin , duergar , kuo-toa , dwarves , and orcs , for spoils and territory.

Instead of the spider goddess Lolth, most tribes worship a male scorpion deity known as Vulkoor , though exceptions are common, it is believed that Vulkoor is actually one of the forms of the Mockery.

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The tribes are often xenophobic , and the social structure varies from tribe to tribe, it is known that the drow mastered elemental binding before gnomes did- including a cultural group of fire-elemental binders called the Sulatar. There is also a subgroup called the umbragen , or shadow elves, who worship the Mockery in the form of a scorpion god and Khyber or the Umbra, the Consuming Shadow, for whom the umbragen are named; the umbragen dwell underground beneath Xen'drik and are noted for producing many warlocks and soulknives.

Drow in Eberron run the gamut from almost feral in nature to being fully civilized and on par with the cultural level of Khorvaire , varying from tribe to tribe. In the Forgotten Realms , the dark elves were once ancient tribes of Ilythiir and Miyeritar, they were transformed into drow by the Seldarine and were cast down and driven underground by the light-skinned elves because of the Ilythiirian's savagery during the Crown Wars.

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  • The drow had fallen under the influence of Araushnee, who was transformed into Lolth and was cast down into the Demonweb Pits along with her son Vhaeraun by the elven god Corellon Larethian because of Lolth's and Vhaeraun's attempt to take control of the elven pantheon which included Araushnee's seduction of Corellon Larethian. Prior to the Spellplague descendants of the Miyeritar dark elves later succeed in reversing their transformation and are recreated as a distinct dark elf race.

    The largest drow civilization is the subterranean city of Llurth Dreier population , However, Menzoberranzan is featured most prominently in the novels.

    Dnd spell sheet pdf

    Previously drow could also worship Ghaunadaur , Kiaransalee , Selvetarm or Vhaeraun. A special case is Eilistraee , the only drow goddess who is chaotic good instead of chaotic evil; she wants the drow to return to the light. He is the founder and leader of the mercenary band Bregan D'aerthe ; these characters are from The Dark Elf Trilogy — , a series of books by R. Salvatore except for Liriel Baenre and Qilue. The six drow in the War of the Spider Queen series have also gained some renown since the novels have been published; the drow also have a long-standing, mutual racial hatred with the gloamings, a rare race found in the pages of the Underdark supplement.

    In the world of Greyhawk , the drow were driven underground by their surface-dwelling relatives because of ideological differences. There they eventually adapted to their surroundings, especially by attracting the attention of the goddess Lolth , "Queen of Spiders "; the center of drow civilization is the subterranean city Erelhei-Cinlu , and its surrounding Vault, commonly called the Vault of the Drow.

    Some drow, especially of the House of Eilserv , worship a nameless Elder Elemental God said to have ties to Tharizdun instead of Lolth. Different campaign settings portray drow in various ways. In the Dragonlance setting, Drow do not exist; rather, "dark elves" are elves who have been cast out by the other elves for various crimes, such as worship of the evil deities. Dalamar , a student of Raistlin Majere , is the most notable of Krynn 's dark elves.

    However, over the years Drow have accidentally appeared in a few Dragonlance modules and novels. Aside from living underground, they have nothing in common with Drow and are not known as Dark elves. In Mongoose Publishing 's Drow War trilogy, the drow are recast as lawful evil villains and likened to the Nazis ; the author of the series has stated that this was a deliberate reaction to the prevalence of renegade, non-evil drow characters. The symbol for most drow is a spider, and they often take the mage or acolyte classes.

    Wizards of the Coast , seeing the heavy sales of the GRP supplement, released their own supplement book called Drow of the Underdark in May Drow in the Pathfinder Chronicles Campaign Setting used to be elves but stayed on Golarion when the other elves left the world. Over time, the remaining elves turned into drow by powerful magic, and at this time any elf who is evil enough can spontaneously turn into a drow; the existence of drow in Golarion is virtually unknown to non-elves.

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    Drow are also the main antagonists in the Second Darkness Adventure Path. Like elves, drow have other creatures associated with them either by environment or by blood; the drider , a drow transformed into a half-drow half-spider creature as a punishment, is one of the most often cited examples.

    Draegloths are half- demon , half drow monstrosities.