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  1. Product | Elements of Geographical Hydrology
  2. Hydrological systems and sustainable water management
  3. 1st Edition
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  5. Hydrology of the New Orleans Region

Product | Elements of Geographical Hydrology

Elements of Geographical Hydrology is one of the first books aiming to serve the specific requirements at this level. It provides a sound introduction to the theory and principles of hydrology and illustrates them by means of examples. It then proceeds to show the relevance of hydrology to several important aspects of geography, namely: soil studies, hillslope development, and water resource management. It relies throughout on detailed examples, an approach which should enliven the subject and provide substantial material to bring home its realities and reinforce the reader's understanding.

Hydrological systems and sustainable water management

The book is fully illustrated with many line drawings and photographs, all of which are closely linked with the text. It offers opportunities for the reader to test his or her understanding of the subject by means of problem exercises. A selected and annotated list of further reading indicates the most useful and accessible sources of more comprehensive and advanced material. Read more Read less. No customer reviews.

Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. The cross sectional area is normally given in m2. River velocity can be measured using a flowmeter pictured right , or more commonly by timing a floating object over a set distance pictured left.

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Velocity is then calculated by dividing the time seconds by the distance metres. Discharge is normally measured in cumecs cubic metres a second.

1st Edition

It is calculated by multiplying the cross-sectional area by the velocity. As you move from the source to the mouth, both the discharge and velocity of a river increases.

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  • Homework Make a copy of the Bradshaw Model as shown in the presentation to the left hand side. Mount it in the centre of a piece of A3 paper. Annotate each of the factors to show why they increase or decrease as you move from the upper to lower course of the river.

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    Objective : To examine the river processes of erosion, transportation and deposition and spatial and temporal factors influencing their operation, including channel characteristics and seasonality Generally, if you have preceded IB Geography with IGCSE or MYP, you will have some experience of the processes of erosion, transportation and deposition.

    Reminder Task: Complete the reminder worksheet below, using the embedded Slideshare from geographyalltheway. So, now we had reminded ourselves of the basics, we must now study briefly how spatial and temporal factors influence their operation.

    Elements of Physical Hydrology

    To do this, we will again be revisiting channel characteristics and seasonality. Task 1 - Complete the worksheet embedded below. The images below will help you to complete the section on seasonality and its effects on fluvial processes.

    Hydrology of the New Orleans Region

    Source: riverrestoration. The images above were taken in the town of Samatan in the Midi Pyrenees region of France in February of The flooding event followed a period of heavy precipitation on an already saturated surface. Heightened overland flow due to ploughing of surrounding farm land and heavy clay characteristics of the soil were also contributing factors.

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    • Click on the images to see an enlarged version. The top photo was taken during the flood event and the bottom photo was taken four days later when the river had returned to its pre-flood level. To the right is a climate graph for the town of Samatan showing annual precipitation and temperature range. Use this information to complete the activity on the second side of the worksheet. Good news is that you've got some more of him to come! Video to the right is your starting point. He's looking mightily cool in those shades! Each team will research one of the following: Team 1.